You would be stunned how outdated the autos are in lots of Western armies. From battle tanks to troop transporters, from reconnaissance autos to cell gun programs, army autos could be many years outdated. However the newest are three French machines, designed over the previous eight years, which are already being delivered to the French army.

They’re named for animals, actual or legendary: griffons, jaguars and servals. and they’re the cornerstone of a French army modernization program referred to as the Scorpion (which suggests Synergie du Contact Renforcée par la Polyvalence de l’Infovalorisation), which mainly means they will work in collaboration utilizing a single fight data system.

Launched in 2014, this system is scheduled to ship 3,150 autos by 2030: 1,872 Griffons, 300 Jaguars and 978 Servals. In 2015, autos had been photos solely.

The French army wished autos that had higher armor, higher safety from fireplace contained in the car and from nuclear, radiological, organic or chemical assaults, able to jamming IEDs, they’d a remote-controlled gun, the newest Technology sensors, and had been extra snug with air con. And that is what they acquired.

From largest to smallest, listed below are the brand new rides and their specs.

The French army has new vehicles of three animals
Griffon. Philippe Vodka-Gallion


The 27-ton multirole armored 6×6 Griffon appears to be like like a truck with a gun on prime. It has been developed in 10 variations, and eight of them are already certified, which suggests they’ve handed all the required checks for army acceptance. All 10 variations have the identical car hull: 25 toes lengthy, 8 toes vast and 11.5 toes excessive with a turret. They’re powered by a 400-horsepower engine mated to a 7-speed computerized gearbox and have a prime pace of 56 mph.

Not solely have they got the identical car hull, however the driveline can also be shared with Jaguar, making upkeep and logistics lots simpler. A system of kits and numerous sensors adapts every car to its mission for infantry, cavalry, logistics, engineers, medivacs, command posts and commentary.

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The motive force of the Griffon can block and unblock the differential wheel by wheel. “This permits the Griffon to ship equal energy to every wheel on one axle,” a Senna driver feedback in a video. He additional added that “together with the automated tire stress verification system, this permits the Griffon to navigate very advanced conditions.” And the tires are all run-flat, which implies that in the event that they get broken, the car would not freeze.

The Griffon, just like the Jaguar, can climb a 50-percent slope (that is fairly steep!) and it might deal with about 27-percent cross-slope. It could climb stairs as much as 20 inches excessive, drive at intervals of three.28 toes vast and might scoop water as much as 2.6 toes deep. The car has a variety of 500 miles on the highway or 250 miles cross-country.

Seven troopers sit inside, going through one another throughout the width of the car. Between every seat is a vertical bag that appears a bit like a sleeping bag through which every soldier retains his weapons and different gear, in order that all the things could be safely stowed away when on the transfer.

Entry and exit are by a ramp on the rear that descends low sufficient that it’s straightforward for a completely geared up soldier to get out and in. However maybe most significantly for these inside, it’s ballistically protected to STANAG Stage 4-A NATO normal, which suggests it might stand up to the detonation of a 22.05-pound mine beneath any of its wheels or within the heart. Can survive, and is protected against artillery fireplace. 98 ft to 155 mm excessive explosive.


The 22-ton Jaguar (which might weigh as much as 27.56 tons, together with anti-missile bars or cages) is a 6×6 wheeled car, and appears like a small tank. Its principal mission is to get as shut as attainable to the enemy with out being seen in order that intelligence could be gathered even in city or mountainous areas. It certified in November 2021. Twenty have been delivered and the French army will get 18 extra this yr.

There are solely three individuals in it: the pilot, the gunner and the tank commander. It is about 10 toes vast, 9 toes excessive and 23 toes lengthy (somewhat longer in the event you embrace the gun). The car is quick (the five hundred hp engine offers it a prime highway pace of 56 mph), nimble (each the primary and final axles could be steered so it might flip very tight circles), clever, nicely protected Because of armor and different belongings, and geared up with sensors that may detect lasers, a missile is coming, and artillery fireplace. It includes a Barrage (Broilur Actif et Réactif Avec Goniomeri) sensible wide-band counter-IED system developed by the French firm Thales.

a french military vehicle
Jaguar. Nexter

It is usually nicely armed. Jaguar’s manned and stationary gun turret consists of a 40 mm gun, which along with two medium-range missiles type its principal weapon system. Hornet with a remotely managed 7.62 mm machine gun is the secondary system. Extra on that Hornet gun, beneath.


The 4×4 Serval is the smallest of the three new autos, weighing simply 16.53 tonnes. It’s a smaller model of the Griffon and has comparable gear. In accordance with French producers Nexter and Texelis, becoming that machine into a reasonably small house was “an actual technical problem”. However, the Serval can carry 10 crew, together with the crew.

It’s the final of three autos to be developed and will likely be produced in 4 variations: patrol, intelligence and reconnaissance, communications and digital warfare.

One of many actual technological improvements in these autos is that each one the info collected by the numerous sensors aboard them – such because the detection of laser beams or snipers – will likely be digitally transformed into helpful and usable fight data, which could be known as fight data. Will likely be shared amongst all members instantly. Joint Strategic Group. In accordance with a French Armed Forces ministry doc revealed earlier this yr, it “allows right choices about threats, orders to be given, maneuvers to be initiated and targets destroyed with a big operational benefit derived from pace.” Is.”

Gun: Hornet

Three sorts of autos carry the Hornet remote-controlled gun turret, first utilized in fight by French troops in Africa in 2021. (The weapon is managed by a gunner sitting contained in the car.) Developed particularly for the Scorpion program, the France-based protection arm of Volvo Vans, Sweden, and by French firm Safran Electronics & Protection, the 573-pound Hornet does simply that. Not solely. a gun.

It has the newest technology of sensors to see, detect and establish the enemy, and might share data. It could additionally do blue/crimson pressure monitoring (blue buddy and crimson foe), designate targets, and supply oblique fireplace steerage. Because of this if one hornet detects a risk however the different hornet is in a greater place to destroy that risk, the primary routinely guides the opposite.

The Hornet’s gun could be fired whereas the car is in movement, which is the most secure technique to keep away from enemy counter-firing, however it might additionally launch an revolutionary smokescreen to cover behind. There are eight smoke grenade launchers on a hoop, impartial of the weapon. The sensors detect that the car has been chosen (illuminated) by an enemy laser rangefinder and routinely launches the smokescreen. It may also be operated manually.

Past France, in 2019 Belgium signed a $1.58 billion contract to purchase 382 Griffons and 60 Jaguars, the primary of which will likely be delivered in 2025.

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